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ITV Logo 1980


ITV logo 1989

On 1 September 1989, ITV tried to make a unified brand for ITV, rather than the regional stations like before. A unified brand would have been cheaper and easier to market. Idents were created as well, but they weren't mandatory, and some even contained errors in the regional symbol on the V cone (Granada's didn't have the line joining the G to the arrow, and Anglia's had some colours mixed up) so several companies (Granada, Anglia, TVS, TSW, Ulster) turned them down. Grampian was the only region to keep the ident for it's full run - they only replaced it when ITV's logo was changed.


ITV logo 1998

On 5 October 1998, ITV released a new logo, to make the channel seem less 'highbrow', and to try and make another unified brand across the UK. Many more companies adopted the idents this time round, but quite a few still refused. The font is a modified 'OCR-B', with an edit to the t. It also had a slogan called "TV from the heart".

On 28 October 2002, another set of idents were released, which featured celebrities acting casually in a blue and yellow set. This time, all the regions took them, although Scottish, Grampian and UTV used their own brands instead of ITV1. On 1 November 2004, ITV network centre became essentially redundant, although it still exists, as Carlton and Granada merged to form ITV plc.


ITV logo 2006

Note: ITV4 used this logo from launch on 1 November 2005, but the other ITV channels didn't adopt it there until 16 January 2006, when it become the official corporate logo.

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