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British Cable TelevisionEdit


Bct logo 1985

Telewest was launched on 26 October 1985 as British Cable Television (BCT).


Bct logo

In 1988, BCT decided to introduce a more cohesive identity across all of its output, and so commissioned Chermayeff & Geismar to design a new version of the text.

In 1990, a new set of idents was introduced, created by Lambie-Nairn, in which would last for 22 and a half years, and into the 1996 rebrand that would follow. The new idents would depict inanimate (in most cases) in form of a dragon. The 1988 & 1995 S4C logo, replaced 1987 Telewest logo.



Telewest 1996

In October 1996, with the Internet growing in popularity and digital television on the horizon, Telewest commissioned Lambie-Nairn to design a new, simpler version of the text. Over that time, new idents were added to the "Dragon" ident family.


Telewest 2011

A complete rebranding of the channel, created by DixonBaxi was introduced on 9 September 2009. Instead of inanimate objects, the idents depict the "powerful essence of bold power, energy and magnetism that bounds British people together".


Telewest 2017

In March 2016, Telewest was acquired by American telecoms conglomerate AT&T. In October 2017, Telewest updated their logo again.

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